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Believe it or not, the main reason not going to buy something at a certain place not because of their prices, customer service, or lack of intent by the buyer. It is surprising that the main reason ecommerce sites fail because consumers can not find what they want.

So why is it so difficult for the website that directs users to their desired products? The key to understanding this phenomenon is to understand its users.

Great web site design has the capacity to meet the needs of users in a single user interface. For users who know exactly what they are looking for, your job is to help them Miami web design to find their desired product in less steps as possible. Some users need more hand-holding, while others only want to see through. Each type of customer has unique challenges and unique opportunities.

The Power Shopper: Electric Customers know exactly what they want, they have sophisticated purchasing strategy, and do not want to waste time browsing your website. For these customers, your first priority is to provide great search bar so you can capture exactly what they want. In terms of design, you’ll want to make sure that your search bar and presented with a large enough contrast so that it is clearly visible. By convention, placing it in the top right corner of the website and make sure it is consistent throughout the site.

In relation to functionality, it is almost expected, to make your search bar provide suggestions as you type. This allows your customers to enter a few characters and presented them with potential choices without you having to type the entire name of the product. This feature AutoComplete can be exploited for cross-border marketing of products related to the product that users want. If you activate this template, make sure that it is clearly marked as a template, but not the actual search results.

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